The most expensive Koi on the Dainichi Auction: a Goshiki!

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Goshiki Conias 75cm, rokusai (thumbnail)

Not a Showa, but a Goshiki was the most expensive fish on the Dainichi auction...

The Dainichi Auction is at it’s end. It has been a great event according to Shigeru-san, who I have been spoking to just after the auction. In total, 205 Koi were auctioned, mainly nisai (157 pieces), but also some very special bigger fish. One of them, the Best in Variety Goshiki of the All Japan Koi Show 2010, was also offered at this auction. And, as expected, she became the most expensive Koi of the auction…

As it is not appropriate to mention prices, just imagine you can buy a very nice luxurious car from this money! This Goshiki was purchased by Futoshi Mano on the All Japan Show, after she won the Best in Variety Award. You should know that a Koi breeder is also a hobbyist who enjoyes seeing other varieties only then the ones they breed themselves. If you are ever going to make a visit to Dainichi, you will notice that, seeing Karashigoi, Aka Matsuba, Kujaku, Ginrin Kohaku, Yamabuki, Shusui, Purachina and more swimming in the concrete ponds of the main Koi house. And the funny thing about these Koi is: they can easily compete for Best in Variety Awards on for example the All Japan Show!

This Goshiki is now 75 centimeter, rokusai (in it’s sixth year of life) and bred by Conias (or Hiroi), one of the most famous farms for producing Goshiki. Please enjoy the beauty of this example, which is characterized by it’s mameshiborimon (‘mame’ means beans, ‘shibori’ means to squash and ‘mon’ refers to ‘mono’ which means pattern), the squashed-bean-like-pattern, referring to the pattern of black dots spread over the body of the fish, only filling in the white parts.

Goshiki Conias 75cm, rokusai

The Best in Variety Goshiki of the 2010 All Japan Show

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  1. I have about 50 40cm Koi pets in a 4,000 gl. pond most of the KOI. are butter fly /Fan tail …I have a problem with very small mosquito fish and no expert seams to know how to get rid of them my ponds water quality is perfect i watch it very close ..I believe the guppys or mosquito fish are eating the eggs from the KOI..????? must find a way to rid myself of the little fish

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