Grand Champion All Japan Show becomes parent Koi!

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M Kohaku II!

The reproduction season in Japan is already fully started and this provides interesting news. From reliable sources I heard the Grand Champion Kohaku from the previous (42th) edition of the All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show spawned successfully! The impressive story of the M Kohaku continuous…

The owner, Kris Kasemsarn (nickname Mr. M), received overall respect by winning the Grand Champion title at the Rinyukai, All Japan Show and ZNA show with the same fish! A sensational remark is that he didn’t buy this fish; in fact he bred this fish himself. Of course with help from Sakai Fish Farm ;). Around 15 years ago, Mr. M purchased her mother (called: M Kohaku) as nisai. And now there is some big news:  there might be a M Kohaku III in the future! Because M Kohaku II, the winner of the All Japan Show, just gave birth to 700.000 babies!

At the previous ZNA show in 2011, she was 97 centimeters long. In his speech of victory, Mr M. mentioned his ultimate desire: that she may grow over 100 cm with the same wonderful quality. I hope, with the help of SFF, that his dream will be fulfilled in the near future.

M Kohaku II op de ZNA Show van 2011

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  1. A wonderfull and huge koi, Sakai will be thrilled that the spawing went well.

    talking of all Japan winners spawning, do you have any follow ups on the Dainichi 99cm winner now 102cm that you featured last year, we never saw any culling of fry, so i wondered if the spawing produced any worthwhile tosai or if it was not a success like when Sakai tried to spawn the legendary two time winner Loulan/Loran. where almost no fry were savable other than one that was ugly and went to muto koi farm but did go on to produce something good further down the line.

    Loulan was quite old at the time of spawning and i belive the dainichi was not so young, so wondered if this may have effected the outcome?


  2. Hi KB,

    I think Sakai is a happy man with this successful spawning!

    Concerning the Dainichi GC Kohaku: I was not allowed to make any video of the offspring, and I do not know how they look at the moment.


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