The second most expensive Koi at the Dainichi auction is a male

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Dainichi Showa; most expensive male koi on the dainichi auction 2012.On 1 October this year in Japan the now famous auction of the Dainichi Koi farm took place. The auction with only two prior editions was already known as one the most high quality Koi auctions in the world with accompanied prizes. Rob de Vos from Ornafish international was the only Dutchman on the scene and made his report.

Where it definitely wasn’t more crowded compared to earlier years, among the crowd were the right, wealthy dealers and wholesalers from especially Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and China. Also dealers and other breeders from Japan itself were present and actively placing bids. That illustrates the marvelous quality and since there were over 200 fish available there should have surely been a chance to catch one of them?!

“The second most expensive Koi was a male”

As an experienced fancier, Rob de Vos did not lose his cool; he placed a large number of bids on behalf of his customers, 43 in total. In the end he had also purchased 8 Nisai for several customers. It was an attrition placing bids on the right fish on the right moments in full concentration from half ten in the morning till four in the afternoon. It demands something from you, but the sight of such quality Koi significantly eases the pain for a Koi lover.

Dainichi Showa

Duurste Koi op de Dainichi Auction 2012

Here and there the prizes reached far above the regular that would have been given for fish of this calibre, apparently much as the well known saying says: “whatever the nut pays”, which doesn’t mean that these fish are not worth it in the end, but is does surpass the Dutch market forces. Although the outrageous amounts like in the first edition in 2010 in whicha Koiswapped owners for a staggering 100.000 euro were not reached, there were several bids that easily passed the 10.000.

Dainichi Showa

De op een na duurste Koi op de Dainichi Auction 2012; een mannetje

It did stand out that the second most expensive fish, Rob his personal favorite beforehand, was a male. Or is this not that remarkable? I love to comment on this later. Furthermore it stood out that Narita, known as the best dealer of Japan who purchased many fish during the earlier editions, now placed relatively few bids and was able to collect only a couple of very high quality Koi. As a final remark, the two most expensive Koi can be described as Kindai Showa; coincidence or tendency? In total 220 fish and several Tosai sets in only 12-17cm went ‘under the hammer’.

With thanks to: Rob de Vos; Ornafish International

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