The most expensive Koi in the world

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Living jewels

As a Koi hobbyist you sometimes get tired of it. Every time you have to explain that there are also cheap Koi carp which you can buy for a couple of Euro or Dollar. “Why are those colored carp so expensive?” is not such a weird question, we as hobbyists call our finned friends living jewels as well. I have also stated this question, but than in the manner of: “What is the most expensive Koi in the world?” Continue reading and you will find out what the answer of world’s most famous Koi dealer answered to this question. 

Ryuki Narita was the one who I in a short interview on the All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show (the world championship for Koi) of 2012 asked to answer the previous stated question. Narita Koi Farms brings various champions on the various Koi shows in Japan and the rest of the world and he knows like nobody which kind of prices go around in the Koi circuit. I personally have heard about lot’s of different stories where prices of more than a million are mentioned. Whether this was in Euro’s, or Peseta’s or Yen, that will always remain a question.

Grand Champion

World champion of the breeder Dainichi that is raised at Narita Koi Farms

The most expensive Koi in the world has a value of two-hundred-fifty-thousand Euro!

The world champion of 2012, the Showa from the breeder Dainichi, was of course the topic of the day when I had interviewed Ryuki Narita. At the time the future of this fish was not clear yet. The answer of Ryuki on the question “What is the highest amount ever paid for a Koi?” was nothing more or less than 25 million (25.000.000) Yen. Twenty-five million Yen! What is that in Euro’s? Depending on the currency, it will be around €250.000. The most expensive Koi in the world has a value of two-hundred-fifty-thousand Euro! You can buy a nice house for that here in the Netherlands.

Ryuki Narita

Ryuki Narita with sculpture of the champion

Not a long time later the Dainichi Showa that became Grand Champion on the All Japan Show was sold to a Chinese hobbyist, who entered the Koi on the Asia Cup in Taiwan. The regional television station over there mentioned that the Koi was worth between €200.000 and €250.000! So when you are also interested in getting a world champion? You can exchange your Ferrari 575 or Aston Martin DB9 for it ;)

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  1. How much would my koi be? He is all white with a pink heart on his head. I have had many koi but this one is my favorite.

  2. Beautiful fish, but people that have tons of money will spend it on anything just to say they spent it. He probably won’t even feed it, just boast about it.

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