Meet the best of the best in the beginning of February

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The 45th edition of the All Japan Combined Nishikgoi Show, also called ‘2014 Nishikigoi of the World’ or simply All Japan Show, is the Koi show of Koi shows and for every passionated hobbyist the place to be to meet the best of the best Koi of the year 2014. This time the show will be held the 1st and 2nd of February. So if you didn’t do it yet, start booking now!

Grand Champion contenders for 2014 All Japan Show

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The 45th edition of the All Japan Koi Show will be held this weekend again. As always, the biggest question is: who will become the new world champion? Last year’s unbeatable Mu Lan (formerly known as M Legend) from Sakai Fish Farm is not present this year – as winners are obliged to skip the following edition after a victory – so here are my top contenders for this years victory, after show you Mu Lan:

Best in Variety Kohaku

Momotaro’s Lion Queen, Supreme Champion of last years All Japan Show, which measures 99 cm:


Nogami’s Nogyosai Grand Champion of 2011, which measures 94 cm:

Grand Champion 82bu @ Niigata Nogyosai 2011

Sakai Fish Farm Kohaku, 90 bu Kokugyo Award at 2013’s All Japan Show, measuring 91 cm:

Kokugyo 90 Bu

And what about Dainichi’s Nogyosai 2012 and Rinyukai 2013 Grand Champion:

Kokugyo 85 Bu

Let’s wait and see, in a couple of days we will know!

Momotaro’s Lion Queen shown in every detail

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show 2014

IMG_4227 - Version 2 Although the 2014 All Japan Show is over, it is still nice to see the beautiful Koi that have been present there. Hereby some close-up footages from Lion Queen, which is owned by Joseph Wong, handled by Byran Lau and bred by Momotaro Koi Farm; the All Japan Grand Champion! Read More