Dainichi Showa second senbetsu of Shubetsu

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Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 11.47.58 AM I cannot get enough of these videos that I have made during my time at Dainichi. In this video the second senbetsu of Shubetsu offspring is going on. Shubetsu is the term used for the classification of the Best in Variety on a Koi show. Dainichi’s Shubetsu (in thumbnail) is the mother of Butta and thereby the grand mother of Butta Nidan, a popular lineage within Dainichi. Read More

The Koi selection is happening now!

oomo Since the Facebook revolution now also has reached the remote Japanese Niigata, lot’s of pictures and news flashes of different Koi breeders are passing by through the ‘news feed’. Almost all recognized breeders are able to be found online and also for you able to follow through Facebook! SO if you do not have an account yet, you should quickly make one to stay up to date through the social media! In this blog an overview of all the senbetsu/culling activities that are now going on.  Read More

Yoshikigoi HQ tosai photoshoot

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Yoshikigoi tosai mix thumb

A sample of HQ Yoshikigoi bred in Poland

Today was another day of performing senbetsu (culling). This time it was all about pond 3, the pond with probably a group of the highest quality tosai Yoshikigoi present at the A&C Tessa Koi Farm in Poland. Tosai born in June (6-7 months old now) up to 35 cm, check out a series of the better ones in this blog!




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Maybe a future champion!

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pota tosai thumb small

Some tategoi Showa from the oyagoi named Pota

Since the ikeage of the tosai which took place from the middle of September and onwards, the tategoi are doing their rounds in the greenhouses of Dainichi. Approximately 6.000 promising tosai are kept in 40 heated (24°C) concrete ponds of 20.000 litres average. Just before my departe, I made a video of how some of the tosai are kept.

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The procedure after ikeage!

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unloading kokugyo thumb

Osame-san inspecting the freshly harvested Koi

Now that I am back in the Netherlands, it is time to share some more of the photo and video footage which I made during the ikeage time in Japan. In this blog I am sharing a video about the procedure after the ikeage. At Dainichi Koi Farm, there are 45-50 nisai ponds, which makes this activity very fast performable. Read More

Selecting Kohaku during Japanese Sundown

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Just a couple of days ahead of 3rd senbetsu, not knowing what will happen with them...

It’s now time for third senbetsu of Marin Junior’s junior’s again! Although we are already on two-third of the tosai ikeage, I think this video is very interesting to get a better idea about how the selection of young Kohaku works here at Dainichi. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the sun which is about to hide behind the mountains and of course the art of Koi culling!

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Learn how to select Sanke babies!

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Sanke senbetsu performed by a pro like Hirata-san is really an art

Coming back on my previous blog about the second senbetsu (culling) of Marin Junior offspring, it must be even more awkward to read about the topic of this blog. Because, I am now going to show you how to do the first senbetsu of Sanke! But you should know I post my blogs in a chronological order, which means we performed this senbetsu after the Marin Junior Kohaku senbetsu. This is a result of performing three different breeding rounds between the second of June and the middle of August! In this blog I try to explain how to do Sanke senbetsu.


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Marin Junior`s junior`s selected again!

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Marin Junior together with a male forming this year`s oyagoi combination

It is quite strange to go write about the following, knowing what we are doing at the moment. In this blog I would like to show you a video about the second senbetsu (culling) of Marin Junior`s offspring. The funny thing is: yesterday and today we performed ikeage of these fish! And when looking back at this video, makes me realize more and more that these Kohaku grew enormously fast. Of course I will show you some more about that later. For now, please enjoy this video of the niban senbetsu (second culling) of Marin Junior`s junior`s! Read More

Pota Showa shows their potential while very critically observed…

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This time second senbetsu!

Apologize for the late update, but it has been a hectic period with long working days and lot`s of other activities. But this blog is worth waiting for, because I will show you some video footage of `my` Showa. With my Showa I mean the fish I have the full responsibility for during the mud pond period. The second senbetsu (culling) has been finished by now, and of course I made a video of the shacho (boss) performing senbetsu. Pota Showa shows their potential while very critically observed… Read More